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Stellar Drive Toolbox is a complete Mac optimization and performance enhancement tool that can help Mac users to optimize, repair, manage, protect and clean their hard drives.



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Stellar Drive ToolBox is an all-in-one pack of Mac tools to optimize Mac OS X and speed up its performance. An easy-to-use Mac optimization application offers various indispensable modules in a single bundle, which are very useful in day-to-day maintenance of your Mac. With these modules, you can repair corrupt Mac volumes, resize Mac volumes without data loss, wipe unwanted data beyond recovery, monitor Mac hard drives, finds large files and duplicates, and do many other tasks to improve your experience with your Mac.



Drive ToolBox
  • Repairs corrupt Mac volumes
  • Resizes Mac volumes, without data loss
  • Encrypts and hides confidential data
  • Wipes data beyond the scope of recovery


Drive ToolBox




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Drive ToolboxMy Mac was running extremely slow and I was looking for a utility to speed it up. I found Stellar Drive Toolbox. With its Speedup Mac module, I regained the good old speed of my Mac. Apart from this, with the Wipe module, I wiped one of my volumes and even managed to resize the same with Partition Manager. What a utility! – In total contains 15 useful modules. I personally suggest Stellar Drive Toolbox is worth keeping, in order to maintain your Mac easily.Drive ToolBox

- Lucy Macaroni



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Stellar Releases Drive toolbox v 4

Stellar releases Drive Toolbox 4 which helps to manage & maintain your Mac Health. The new version contains 14 must utilities.


Read More..






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  • USA Helpline: +1-877-778-6087
  • UK (Europe) Helpline: +44-203-026-5337
  • Australia & Asia Pacific: +61-280149899
  • Netherlands: +31-208-111-188


World Wide India Helpline: +91-124-4326-777


15 Utilities



speedup mac

Drive Monitor


Keep track of the health status of your hard drive to know about any impending failures and avoid data loss Read More..

speedup mac

Smart Finder


Search particular files and folders on your Mac and perform the desired actions Read More..

speedup mac



Check the performance level of your hard drive and compare it with other systemsRead More..

speedup mac

Smart Mac Care


Run different modules of the application at a convenient time with 'Smart Mac Care'. Read More..

speedup mac

SpeedUp Mac


Speed up your slow Mac by removing unwanted files, applications, widgets and plug-ins Read More..




Completely erases unwanted, personal, and sensitive data from your Mac, beyond the scope of recovery. Read More..


Drive Defrag


Enhance system performance by defragging severely fragmented Mac hard drives, volumes or large files.Read More..


Volume Repair


Volume Repair verifies and repairs corrupt Mac volumes, without any further damage. Read More..


Drive Clone


Creates clone or image of the selected Mac drive, volume, or region and helps restoring lost data. Read More..


Partition Manager


Manages Mac partitions with the options – Add, Delete, Format, Resize, Hide, Reveal Mac volumes. Read More..


Drive Initialize


Initializes your raw Mac hard drives with the required partition scheme and file system. Read More..

data editor

Disk Editor


An advanced Mac utility to manually repair minor volume corruptions by editing file structure of the drive. Read More..




Keeps backup image of the hard drive according to the defined schedule and helps restoring lost data. Read More..


Data Encryptor


Prevents unwanted access to your confidential data by encrypting and hiding files or folders. Read More..




This module uninstalls unwanted applications, Widgets, and Plug-ins from your Mac machine. Read More..





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