Every type of manual labor is a process that greatly resides in the quality of the tools being used. This fact is even more underlined when it comes to the safety of the same laborers, having in mind the hazardous nature of most of their work environment. More than 80 years ago, a company was formed with the purpose of providing both of these factors to their customers. This company is called Gempler’s and since it was formed in 1939, it has diligently worked on offering the best possible tools and safety gear for those who absolutely need them on their everyday jobs. Here are some of the important facts about this company and the reasons why it continues to be the go-to place for some many professionals working in these domains.


A Proud Tradition and a Long History

As mentioned, the history of the company reaches back well into the 1930’s. Coming about as a family run business, today it is still in the hands of the fourth and fifth generation of its founding members. Its core values have since then stayed the same. Like so many years ago, the company aims to be fair, honest, always keeping up its commitments, respect each and every individual and always encourage curiosity. This goes for both their clients and their employees. Obviously, Gempler’s company is built on a solid foundation and it will continue to exist many years to come, always adapting and changing for the better.

The Gempler’s Products Offer

The company provides a huge selection of professional-grade equipment, tools, supplies, and products. All of this is located inside of an environment that provides easy shopping, responsive service and an employee expertise that will be more than dedicated to all of their clients. This is the reason so many generations of professions, covering everything from landscape contractors to wheel and tire mechanics used this company with great results. Also, the company has never shied away from adding innovation to their product selection, which is the reason why it continued to be relevant even as the decades passed by. The same approach to their clients and their ever-changing needs will allow it to stay relevant in the decades to come.

Using the Gempler’s Store

There is a high level of effectiveness that comes every time when someone uses one of the Gempler’s stores. Essentially, the company provides the pinnacle of easy shopping in its product niche. This is why so many customers made store their permanent home for all of these purchases and they never looked back. At the same time, in spite of their exceptional quality, the shop offers really accessible prices. A strong fact pointing to this is the Gempler’s coupon program. Using their dedicated coupons and discounts, any manual worker will be able to make substantial savings for themselves of their company. Gempler’s coupon offers include the standing 10% off for the first purchase of $50 only by using the coupon 10OFFTODAY. This, just like hundreds of other coupon deals can be obtained at https://couponcause.com/.

Through its long history, Gempler’s has shown to be the best at what they do. There is little doubt that they will continue to do the same for any new client that might come through their doors.