Laser cutters are fantastic tools. These can engrave and cut all types of materials. Moreover, if you have decided to add one to the set of tools you have, this guide will help you through the process of decision making.

Cancam CNC CO2 lasers are widely used and more common kind of lasers. The other kind of laser is YAG, which is the technology used in more industrial and powerful lasers. It’s also used for cutting metal and in the industrial setting. Therefore, YAG machines are a bit more expensive. There’s a variety when it comes to CNC CO2 lasers you can find in the market and the options continue to grow.

Know Your Needs

Before you look at the laser cutters, you must be clear about what you’re going to use the CO2 laser for.

Kind of Materials

Lasers may be used on various materials. You may learn more about such materials by researching online. The kind of materials that you’ll be using will direct your laser choice. For instance, you will require a much powerful laser for wood compared to what you’d do for cardboards.

Size of Materials

The raw material’s size that you’ll be putting into the laser machine will affect the bed’s size that you require. The height of the material is also essential. If you like to engrave bricks, you will have to fit such bricks under your CO2 laser.

Material’s Shape

Majority of lasers’ work is done on sheet materials. However, several works involve tubular materials as well. Think of the wine bottles, rolling pins, glasses, and much more. If you like to with round cylinders, you will require a laser cutter, which supports rotary tool. Rotary tools are an add-on, which holds the cylinders in the laser as well as rotates them so that the entire surface could be engraved.

Finished Product’s Size

Your chosen laser will require a bed that’s bigger than the product’s final size.

Engraving, Cutting or Both

The kind of work you’ll be doing on laser will have an effect on the power that you require. Therefore, for every material that you will be using, you have to determine if you’ll engraving or cutting.

Factors to Consider

There are several factors to consider when choosing laser cutters. Unless your funds are not limited, you will have to make trade-offs between these.


The laser cutter’s purchase price differs widely based on the variations of criteria. There are some entry-level lasers that can be purchased for a thousand dollars. The most powerful, highest quality, and biggest laser cutters go over hundred thousand dollars price points. Your budget will be the biggest factor in which lasers you purchase.


The power factor refers to the laser’s power output. If a laser is power style, the materials should be denser. The more power the laser has means that work may be done quickly. CNC CO2 lasers go up to 180W.


Quality in the machines across the product lines as well as manufacturers differ greatly. Poor quality laser machines will need more frequent repair and maintenance.